A Division of Medina Garvey Group

Medina Garvey Group

Medina Garvey, founded in 1904, is a well-diversified company. The three major fields that form the Medina Garvey Group are: Energy, Agro Alimentary, and Real Estate.

Medina Garvey Electricidad S.L.U. is a 100% privately-owned utility company, distributing electricity throughout eight counties in the southern part of Spain and owning the infrastructure, technology and services. Medina Garvey Comercial S.L.U., also fully-owned by Medina Garvey, was formed to sell in other areas in the post free, de-regulated electricity market. Through partnerships, Medina Garvey is also present in the operations of:

  • Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Power Stations to generate electricity 
  • Centralized buying for electrical supplies and services for its members
  • Additional distribution and selling of electricity in the north of Spain 

The Agro Alimentary Division is represented by two distinctive companies, all fully, vertically integretated and fully-owned by Medina Garvey:

Explotaciones Agricolas Las Moreras,S.A. – a well diversified farm: grower of table olives, almonds, wheat, sunflowers, aloe-vera and biomass energy crops. 

Aceitunas Sevillanas,S.A. – a modern manufacturing facility, packer and exporter of table olives (under its brand "Seville" ​or private brands).

Medina Garvey also has an important participation in a productive grower of table olives strategically located in La Rioja (Argentina).

The Real Estate Division is represented by:

  • Inmobiliaria Luis Medina,S.A., dedictated to the development, construction, and sale of houses (under different company names and all fully-owned by Medina Garvey Group).
  • Medina Garvey, S.A., with a large portfolio of commercial and residential net leased investments.
  • Seville Imports Real Estate, LLC and subsidiaries, with a large portfolio of commercial and industrial net leased investments.

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